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Millenials are boomerangs

Posted by: ADP on 10 November 2016 in Non classé

Millenials have a reputation for job-hopping. People born between 1980 and 1996 are said to move freely from company to company, more so than any other generation. It’s possible that many millennials actually don’t want to switch jobs, but their companies aren’t giving them compelling reasons to stay. While millennials seems to wanting more and more, the reality is that they just want a job that feels worthwhile and they keep looking until they find a job with which they feel comfortable.

In the old days it was like: If you leave, you’re dead to us. It is not possible for a company to operate that way today if it wants to be successful. In the old days it was: “You come. You stay with us. You work with us. You get a pension.” Today people are not likely to stay with one company for their careers. They’re going to have five, six, seven jobs throughout their careers. Millennials, they’re going to move around; they’re going to experience different things. That are boomerangs: people who go, get experience in industry, and then decide they want to come back. Companies got to make people want to stay with them because of the experiences they give them, the training, the development, and how their personal brands improve. If firms can keep them, great. If they can’t, then hopefully they’re a great representative of the company, an ambassador of the brand out in their new jobs.

Young people want to do good as well as do well. They are searching for meaning that extends beyond lucrative salaries and feel fulfilled. They really do want to come to work thinking that they’re going to do something that matters. Millenial workers want to be engaged. They still care about compensation. But the single biggest factor for them in wanting to be somewhere is flexibility. Flexibility means not just the traditional flex work arrangements. It also means just the flexibility to go ahead and be able to go to your kid’s soccer games or care for an elderly parent and not have to be clocking in over a certain period of time. And it means also being able to work from different locations with mobility and not having to be in an office 24/7.

The ADP Research Institute® (ADP RI), a specialized group within ADP, conducted a qualitative and quantitative study among employers and employees in four major regions: North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific. This study provided insight into emerging workplace trends, how they affect employees, and how they’re expected to play out in years to come. Companies have to get to know there employees to make them feel comfortable with their job. Studies like the one from ADP can help the management to improve and adapt the working conditions, so that the employees love to work for the company, are coming back like a boomerang one day or at least be good ambassadors in their new jobs. Like this more millennials will join the company then leave it.


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