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HR needs to get to grips with technology – and fast!

Posted by: ADP on 24 September 2015 in Innovation & Technology

The best employers are already doing it: moving towards collaborative, mobile ways of working, and using the latest mobile technology and social networking.

The Googles, Ciscos and W.L.Gores of this world recognise that top talent is drawn towards engaging and collaborative cultures. Their workplaces are designed to actually empower individuals and teams. Combine that with a new, flexible approaches to management that utilise mobile technology, and it’s the best recipe for attracting and retaining talent.

Still only a dream for most employers

But for the majority of employers, much of this remains a dream rather than a reality. Only 13% of workers worldwide are “engaged” and only 16% of CEOs believe they are receiving comprehensive HR data. These are worrying stats.

Take those latest HR buzzwords, Big Data and analytics. Being able to mine the vast amount of data captured by internal and external computer systems gives companies a real edge over their competitors. Yet organisations are struggling to implement the correct solutions to analyse and interpret their HR data.

Even more damningly, Bersin by Deloitte finds that only 4% of companies surveyed were able to perform predictive analytics about their workforce. Only four percent!

HR needs to master social media

Social media is relatively easy. We all use LinkedIn or Facebook, right? In fact, 44% of recruiters list LinkedIn as “extremely” or “very” useful in finding new talent. Yet when researchers asked the job seekers themselves, only 19% felt the same. Facebook is three times as likely to be used as a job search resource by those under the age of 30 compared to those over 45. Understanding the social media usage patterns of younger workers is a growing priority.

And it is not just “Generation Y” or “Millennials” that are driving change. With 55 million people in OECD countries working outside of their home country, flexible working practices, social networking and mobile technology are changing the world of work for everyone.

HR leaders must master the online and social world by understanding how technology will affect talent acquisition. This makes Human Capital Management more important than ever.

Greater freedom and flexibility

The increasing dependency on technology allows us to stay connected all the time, enjoying greater freedom and flexibility. It’s one of the most significant ‘disruptive’ workplace trends that HR faces today. Businesses need to adapt their workforce planning and development strategies to ensure that they are aligned with this. Which means upgrading technology and consolidating processes and systems into simple processes or apps that anyone can access, at any time.

At ADP we’re seeing a growing use of mobile technology for work, and an increased freedom enjoyed by the employees who use them. Some clients provide access to enterprise applications on employee smart phones or tablets. Many others are currently evaluating the possibility of greater flexible working options such as variable work hours, job-sharing, or working from home.

In America nearly half of employers now use virtual teams, with significant numbers of Millennials preferring to communicate electronically and adopt flexible working.

Evolve with technology

So it’s essential for companies to look at this evolving workstyle more closely and develop approaches that promote efficiency and worker satisfaction. To make that strategic leap, HR leaders need to use technology wisely to produce real business insight.

Organisations must choose solutions that effectively streamline the entire HR lifecycle – from recruitment and performance management to global payroll and HR administration – to avoid ending up with a patchwork of disparate systems and processes that lead to inefficiency, costly errors and profit loss.

Investing in technology and analytics as a platform is therefore essential, supported and amplified by a great Human Capital Strategy. The best employers are already doing it. But the good news is that the technology is available to all!

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