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Five’s the charm – ADP made it to the top spot in Gartners Payroll BPO for the fifth year in a row

Posted by: ADP on 10 October 2016 in Non classé

When it comes to business success and comparability to competitors, there are many factors that different companies and analysts look at to see the bigger picture. But maybe none have become so important as “Completeness of Vision” and “Ability to Execute” – the two measurements Gartner is using in their Magic Quadrants, where they help sorting different markets by categorizing companies of one area. According to the MQ, you are either a Niche Player, a Visionary, a Challenger – or a Leader. And when it comes to Payroll BPO, ADP made it to the top of the leader pile, again, for the fifth year in a row.

The 2016 study analyzed payroll vendors across all regions, employer sizes, and service-delivery models. According to Gartner, “Leaders perform well by having a clear vision of the market’s direction and clients’ needs, and by building capabilities and competencies to satisfy clients and sustain their leadership position. Leaders have superior market understanding, which they manifest through marketing and sales strategies that both respond to and lead the market for payroll BPO services. Leaders invest in continuous research and innovation in technology and payroll administration, have strong financial viability, and have customers who consistently testify to a positive relationship.”

If you want to read Gartner’s full report, download it from our website here. You can also find our press release about the Payroll BPO MQ here.

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