Finance and HR chiefs join forces to face digital challenges

Posted by: ADP on 24 April 2017 in digitalisation, Finance, Human Resources

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What’s keeping CFOs awake at night?  Chances are that it’s digital technology. Once owned by IT alone, digitalisation is now seen as key to improving overall business efficiency, staff productivity and profitability. And a big part of that change is driven by what’s happening in HR –a function going through its own digital transformation.   Living digitally  Digital technologies are changing the way we work. We are not only permanently glued to our phones. We are also “monitored closely by digital devices and we are influenced by suggestions, nudges and recommendations driven by analytics,” says HR commentator Josh Bersin1. At the same time, the workforce is becoming more demanding and diverse. Think of any workplace you know and it’s now likely to include both millennials and baby boomers, not to mention a whole mix of cultures and nationalities. So companies need new ways of managing their people and delivering HR services. Enter Digital…

Digital HR in the age of transparency

Posted by: ADP on 24 April 2017 in Human Resources, Innovation & Technology

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Remember when companies used to ban employees from using social media? It didn’t keep the lid on bad publicity then – and it certainly wouldn’t now.  With over 2.51 billion people worldwide using social networks, forward looking companieshaven’t just dropped their gagging policies. They’ve embraced Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn andall the rest, along with the transparency these networks bring. More than that, companies nowrecognise that from mobile devices to cognitive computing, analytics to the cloud, digitaltechnologies are everywhere. And these technologies have fundamentally disrupted theworkplace–especially the way businesses recruit, manage and support their people. All this is happening at a time when demographics are also rapidly changing. The top talentneeded to drive business growth is not only getting harder to find–fuelling a new round of talentwars. It’s also increasingly mobile and diverse, with the multi-cultural, multi-generationalworkplace, and all the challenges that it brings, are fast becoming the norm.   Reinventing HR   In this brave new world…

The gig economy is coming – are you prepared for the new reality?

Posted by: ADP on 7 April 2017 in Human Capital Management, Human Resources, Innovation & Technology, Multinational & Globalization

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Working from the comfort of your living room, with a cup of coffee and slippers on, ready to tackle your next task. No commute, no problem – or so may be the popular perception of a freelance lifestyle. New technology and the increase in flexible working practices have resulted in the rise of the so called “gig economy”, providing people with the ability to choose a different way of life.According to our latest research, The Workforce View in Europe in 2017, self-employment and freelancing are growing in popularity as career options. Two thirds of European employees are interested in, or would consider, freelancing or self-employment, with more than a quarter saying they are actively planning a move in this direction. Gig jobs are particularly popular among millennials, with 80% of 16-34 year olds saying they are interested in this option,…

HR digital transformation: a golden opportunity for CIOs

Posted by: ADP on 30 March 2017 in Human Resources, Innovation & Technology

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Let’s face it. HR leaders haven’t always worked that closely with chief information officers (CIOs). In most companies the two have inhabited different worlds. (If you’re feeling mean, you could call them silos.) But that’s beginning to change as HR embraces digital change. Savvy HR leaders are keen to take advantage of the integrated cloud-based systems that have come on stream in recent years. They recognise that the tools making up these systems could help them transform HR by streamlining operations, reducing costs and redefining the whole experience of work for employees. But HR leaders also know that they can’t complete this digital journey on their own. And that gives CIOs a once in a lifetime opportunity. As Deloitte put it in a recent article1: “CIOs who work with HR leaders to advance their transformation goals have the opportunity to…

When work crosses borders: the pitfalls and perils

Posted by: ADP on 16 March 2017 in Human Capital Management, Human Resources, Multinational & Globalization

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The workplace is expanding, across physical borders and time zones. Whilst working across multiple jurisdictions brings with it phenomenal bonuses, it can also be a huge challenge for employers. How exactly do you get it right? Having an international workforce offers strength after strength. Firstly, an organisation which can offer global expertise is far more valuable than one with a specific and siloed focus. In any kind of service industry, offering an intricate understanding of procedures and customs in a number of countries is priceless. More significantly, in today’s business climate, flexibility should be your greatest ally, and having a distributed workforce can give you the agility needed to thrive. Your working hours can follow the sun, and you have the ability to tap into hotspots of talent as and when you need them. Beyond all these significant pros, your…